RECaBS Interactive REcalculator Help

To get properly started it is recommended that you first read the Introductory Leaflet , then become acquainted with the features by reading the Guide .


Basic Features

Technologies are chosen for comparison by dragging and dropping between the selection boxes.

Pressing the Other Costs bars ticks or un-ticks the type of externality for inclusion in the calculation.

The edit button opens a subpage with advanced options for calculation values and brief descriptions of the externalities.

When on a subpage, use the back button, that pops up in the lower left corner of the REcalculator.

When pressing the data presentation buttons in the toolbar in the bottom right of the screen, three different presentational views are available. Numerical, aggregate graphic or detailed graphic.

A number of currencies can be chosen, from the pop-up in the toolbar.

The REcalculator is optimised for use at screen resolutions at 1024x768 pixels and above. If you have trouble fitting the REcalculator tool on your screen, please expand the view to full size (in most browsers by pressing F11).

The REcalculator tool was taken out of service in January 2013.


The REcalculator enables anyone to make cost/benefit analysis based on generally accepted values of calculation parameters. It also allows the user to adjust key parameters to replace default values for comparison of different technologies. Data and documentation rely on internationally respected sources.

Last update: 2008-05-21
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